Hey, I'm ells

My mission is to help and empower you through mindful movement and self enquiry.

This is your safe space full of tips, tools, mentoring and community, to help you create a growth mindset that will allow you to live life that is not controlled by fear and anxiety.

I want you to know it is possible and I want to help you get there.

1:1 psychological coaching, online yoga classes
online yoga classes

Work With Me

1:1 mentoring specifically designed to dive deeper into the “inner work”, beyond the physical yoga practice.

I work with ambitious women who are ready to break through mental barriers, quiet their inner critic and reclaim their power.

My 1:1 mentoring incorporates the physical yoga practice, with holistic coaching techniques to help you move from a victim mindset, feeling lost, stuck and riddled with anxiety to living life with more passion. 

What They're Saying

Working with Ellie has been life changing. The knowledge and tools I have learned have really helped me on the bad days, as well as the good days! I came to Ellie because I was feeling constantly anxious and just completely detached from myself and the world. Ellie has such a lovely, kind heart and has guided me through some lovely practices, as well as the helping me overcome so many of my fears! I used to read all the books and courses, but struggled to actually put them into action. They were all surface level stuff, Ellie is there real deal, the work is comprehendible and, although hard at first, helped me to learn so much about myself and live with more joy! Forever grateful!
1:1 Mentoring
I began my yoga journey with Ellie's online sessions via zoom and she was amazing, she made sure I was happy and relaxed, clearing working her way through the positions. After only a couple of sessions, I had learnt names of positions and massively improved through Ellie help. Very friendly, knowledgeable and create the perfect environment!
Online Yoga Classes
Amazing classes, Ellie really knows her stuff and always willing to help! I love incorporating the slow flows to help with my stress, but also mix up my week a bit with some of the faster classes. They have really helped me learn the core moves and get stronger! Thank you xx
Online Yoga Classes

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We chase things outside ourself, as if something is missing, when really all we are missing is the time, patience and support to look within. That’s when things start to change and the magic happens.