Let me guide to back home to yourself.


Learn how to become the driver of your own life, equipped with the tools to get you through the hard days and manage your anxiety with compassion and ease.
Whether you are someone who is feeling lost, out of control or riddled with anxiety, working with me is about breaking free from the subconscious autopilot full of conditioned habits, negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs and self sabotage. It is about overcoming mental barriers and the blocks of fear and anxiety that have been holding you back from living your life authentically, stepping into your powerful self and experiencing joy and clarity.

Think of me as your friend, mentor and yoga teacher all wrapped up into one, to guide you through this journey of self discovery and self enquiry, combining yoga on and off the mat to uncover your true self to live in the present moment. I’ll help you reduce the mind fog, gain clarity and go from a victim of life to a growth mindset.

Through my mentoring you will also develop more self awareness, uncover where you are stuck and the causes of your stress, anxiety and overwhelm and develop strategies to help you slow down and live life mindfully, as well as cultivate a better connection and relationship with your mind and body.

learn to live with more CALM, CLARITY and purpose.

Not so long ago I was in a place where I couldn’t see a way out.

I felt lost, stuck, constantly anxious and worried. I was riddled with self hate, to the point where I wouldn’t even go to the shops because I was so ashamed of myself. It was hard. It was heavy. I was constantly anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, over analysing everything, over thinking everything and living in fear. I kept saying to myself, this can’t be it, surely? Why is everyone else able to go out, have fun and enjoy life but me?

I studied, I learned, I experimented, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, I did the work, I adopted new habits and practises, and eventually, I transformed.

Change is possible. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can move out of the subconscious autopilot, negative thought patterns and conditioned behaviours and go from merely surviving, to a life of thriving.

It’s an awful place to be stuck in, feeling like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Being through it all myself, I know exactly how heavy it can feel. I don’t want you to continue to suffer - I want to make it my life’s purpose to help those who are feeling this way and know that it is possible to change your ways and to guide you there.

It is my mission to take the learning from my own growth and teachers, to combine yoga and psychology, yoga and coaching, yoga on and off the mat. Teach you my tools to help you go within, mindfully move your body and take control of your life.

I hope to help you with your anxiety, overwhelm, overthinking, people pleasing, lack of self worth with a range of tools like movement, meditation, mindfulness, 1:1 coaching and accountability to empower you to grow, to build self worth, to accept yourself, to love yourself, to overcome mental barriers and the niggling inner critic telling you that you can’t or you should give up or that you are not good enough or capable enough.

My aim is to use these tools to help you create a growth mindset that will allow you to live life that is not controlled by fear and anxiety. I want you to know it is possible and I want to help you get there.


let me guess...

You spend too much time in your own head, worrying, overthinking, over analysing – to the point where you find it hard to find the joy in anything and constantly consumed with anxiety, stress and overwhelm?

  • You don’t know who you are or what to do with your life?
  • You struggle with low moods and anxiety? 
  • Never content with anything, always trying to find fixes but they never work? 
  • Feeling lost, stuck and alone? 
  • Living life in autopilot? 
  • Struggling to feel motivated with life, struggling to find the energy/means to do anything productive?
  • Messy head? 
  • Feel uncomfortable in your own skin? 
  • You spend too much time trying to please other people?

sound familiar?

1:1 psychological coaching, online yoga classes
1:1 mentoring

That’s where I come in...

I am here as your guide, support and your friend. To help you go within, overcome limiting beliefs and equip you with the tools to help you with your stress and anxiety.

Change is possible. Instead of feeling like you are living a life controlled by fear, worry and anxiety, you’ll find a place to feel a sense of calm and control within your own mind and body, supported and go from feeling like you are merely surviving, to a life of thriving. Whether you are feeling like you are living life on autopilot, dictated by the needs of others or your victim mindset, I will show you how beautiful and worthy you are, both inside and out.

Do you find yourself in a constant yoyo of low moods and anxiety, often overthinking and over analysing your every move? Do you struggle to see the joy in life, feel trapped in your own mind and lost in the world unsure of what you want. If so, you have come to the right place. I work with women who are chaotic and messy, feel like they are always taking the backseat, fearing commitment and afraid of being seen.

are you someone who is...

  • Sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Stuck in a victim mindset?
  • Feeling heavy and emotional?
  • Always saying to yourself “I’ll be happy when xxx”?
  • Unhappy with yourself, not feeling comfortable or at home in your own skin?
  • Feeling sad, stuck, lost, lonely? 
  • Constantly worried, stressed, anxious and overwhelmed?
  • Always trying to fill a big hole in life? 
  • Always overthinking and overanalysing things?
  • Constant stream of negative self talk and thought patterns? 
  • Not able to commit to anything?
  • Not able to find joy in anything?
  • Always hunting for quick fixes to help with a problem? 
  • Not getting things done because of procrastination, stress and overwhelm?


  • An overactive mind 
  • Always trying to find the next quick fix
  • Wearing a mask to cover up true feelings, to seem strong but only striving to please other people 
  • Always consumed with anxiety, stress and overwhelm
  • Not finding joy in anything 
  • Allows the mind/negative self talk/inner critic to overpower life and decisions 
  • Bad body/mind relationship
  • Not getting things done because procrastinating/overthinking too much 
  • Visualising situations/making assumptions before something happens 
  • Missing out on things as ashamed of yourself, scared to be seen, scared of what people might say 
  • Afraid of confrontation (e.g. social situations) 
  • Feeling trapped in her own mind 
  • Not feeling good enough, capable enough, not enough in general 
  • Never content with anything, including life, work and relationships 
  • Living in autopilot, not in control of life, life is just happening to her
  • Struggling to feel motivated with life
  • Feel uncomfortable in own skin


You are able to wake up in the morning with more purpose and passion for life.

You have new, sustainable habits that fill your cup.

You are able to feel more calm.

You feel more equipped to manage your stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

You know what you want and where your life is heading.

You no longer feel like a prisoner in your own mind.

You have a growth mindset - ready to learn and grow.

You know you are capable and worthy of more.

You are able to make decisions aligned with you and your values.

You feel more connected to yourself.

1:1 coaching


In order to feel comfortable in your own skin and live an authentic and powerful life, we have to commit to challenging our thoughts and behaviours, step out of our comfort zones and stay accountable. My 1:1 coaching is designed to give you the guidance, accountability and tools you need to move into a growth mindset. But you have to be the one to take those tools and implement them into your life in order to thrive.

We'll work together for a minimum of 4 months, combining yoga on and off the mat.

I work with women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, women who are ready to commit to change and growth and get out of their own way. Women who are ready to release the fears, stresses and anxieties holding them back from living life.

Are you ready to make a change and start living with more purpose?

let me support you

I'm here as your friend, support coach and yoga teacher.