My name is Ellie and I’m a Yoga Teacher and Writer. I am 25 years old and live on the South Coast of the UK.  

I steal my mums dog’s during the week and pass them off as my own, I looove food and I am so passionate about fitness, yoga, wellbeing and mind stuff.

I created this platform so I can share the things I am passionate about and the different things I am learning as I navigate through life. I want this to be a place to continue my own growth, as well as to help others grow, because none of us should feel stuck or alone. So, I hope you can take something positive away from here, whether it’s a yoga class, a recipe, finding calm and clarity, help with overcoming mental barriers or just a new friend.

me and the boys

I spent years being a victim of life. Letting self-doubt, my inner critic, anxiety and depression take over me. I always down, always unhappy, never content and just had an all-round unhealthy mind, body and relationship with myself.

There was never one light bulb moment for me, I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Eventually, I started showing up for myself more and more. Exercising, journalling, practising yoga, eating better, attending social events. And things started to feel…. not SO bad. But the more I done it, the better things are.

Change hasn’t happened quickly, nor is it complete. It’s a process and it is part of my journey. My journey to living MY life the way I want to and taking control over my thoughts and actions. 

Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Fast forward a few years. Another HUGE milestone in my life. After practising for many years, I finally completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

Yoga has transformed my life in so many ways. It has allowed me to feel more confident, to grow and to connect with others on a similar path.

Throughout the training (and yoga practise in general) there were lots of tears, laughter, friendships, nerves, anxiety. But this was all that was needed to shed a few layers of sh*t and GROW. We all came through the other side, stronger than ever.  

The best part is, I’ve come away feeling liberated, with lifelong friends and the ability to be able to share yoga and serve others.

yoga, dancers pose

My promise

I have pondered for months about how to structure this and how I can serve others. I want to share yoga classes, my thoughts, my feelings, my research and things that have helped me. I realise now that there are so many other, like-minded people out there and I just hope by sharing my story and serving others in the ways that I can, I can connect with you and even help you grow through what you are currently going through.   

I can now see there is SO much more to life. I believe the power of happiness is within us. We just need some direction on how to get there.   

I want this to be a place to continue my own growth, as well as to help YOU grow, because you are not alone.    

The physical practise is just one aspect of yoga. There is so much more to it. So, while you can practise in class or online with me, I also intend to help you further with self-development tools to learn and grow.  

Because you can and you will get through this.  

If you would like to connect, or even collaborate, please visit my contact me page for more information. I would really love to hear from you!   

Ellie (aka, ells) x x  

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