Private Yoga Classes

public and private online yoga classes


– Practices tailored to you and your goals 

– Deepen your yoga and meditation practise

– Support to help you take yoga off the mat and into your life 

– Help increase quality of life 

– Aquire tools to help with stress and anxiety

– Opportunity for self growth 


I am a 200hr Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher qualified in Vinyasa.

All classes provide you with a safe space to practise and unwind, a place to get out of your head and into your body and be present, with an emphasis on what feels good rather than what looks good.

In the process, expect to build more strength, confidence, overcome mental barriers and take your mind and body to new places.

In my private yoga classes, we will work closely together to outline and achieve your goals.

We spend so much time in auto pilot, running around, thousands of thoughts going around in our heads which can become overwhelming. You may not realise, but your body also stores everything. So all the emotions, fears, worries, anxiety and stress you are constantly living in need releasing.

Yoga is a powerful tool which allows you to start tuning in and take back control, and allows us to move through whatever we are feeling and tune our attention inwards.

Yoga is not a quick fix, it is a long term practice and a lifestyle.

Through regular yoga practise, both on and off the mat, you can expect to feel:

More present in your life

In tune into yourself and your body

Stop living in the past/worrying about the future

Destress, relax through postures and breathing, tapping into the parasymptetic nervous system

Calm stress, anxiety and overwhelm

Clear your mind

Gain mental and physical strength

More connected with yourself and others

Consistency and patient

Take control of your mind and life

Increase body awareness and compassion

Develop a better mind-body connection

Leave feeling calm, mindful and with energy

let me support you

I'm here as your friend, support coach and yoga teacher.