yoga classes

I am a 200hr Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher qualified in Vinyasa.

All classes provide you with a safe space to practise and unwind, a place to get out of your head and into your body and be present, with an emphasis on what feels good rather than what looks good.

In the process, expect to build more strength, confidence, overcome mental barriers and take your mind and body to new places.

Yoga has played a huge tool in the strength of my mind and my body. I am not what you would call, the most ‘flexible’ person, but that’s what I love about yoga. Yoga is about connecting to your mind and your body through breathe, movement and intention. Allowing you to let go of expectations, and celebrate your body for what it is and what it can do. Not what social media, or society says.

Studio & Online Classes

Schedule coming soon!

Private Classes

If you wish to book a private class, for a tailored one to one or a group class for friends/family, please email me.

Workshops & Events

Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops and events.

If you would like to collaborate / work together, please email me.